Become An Affiliate

If you stop to think about it, affiliate marketing is in some ways like starting a business. You have the distinct advantage of not holding inventory and typically don’t need to hire employees, but you’re still setting up an online operation.


BGL is the Business Growth Loan or Advance in the mode of receive as loan /advance . Loan is the refundable after one year. In between Dietex Food Farm will provide the food coupon which is converted by food only. It’s transferable and auto forwarded .
Members Faciliteis
1,00,000 55 Daily
1,50,000 90 Daily
2,00,000 130 Daily


OTP is the option for customer One Time Payment against the receiving Dietex Food Farm will give extra bonus food coupon which will only use to purchasing food from Dietex within the tenor period mentioned .The coupon is transferable and auto forwarded .
Package KitKot FitFat TipTop
OTP 18,000 30,417 91,251
Daily Alloted 58 Food 100 Food 315 Food
Tenor 365 Days 365 Days 365 Days